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Hello, my name is Rose, developer and creator of all this.

This website is part of Affiliation Platforms, you can find information and resources for each specialty it may contain. It is mostly focused on coupons and discounts.

One of the main ideas for which the website Cuponí has been created was to bring the user in the most accurate and detailed way all the discounts and online promotions found on the Internet.

The information that can be found in each of the pages, articles and categories is presented in an elaborate and edited for each specialty of the subject in the related field. The articles have been studied to offer all kinds of comparisons and analysis for the best features for each section.

According to the usefulness of the device to be analyzed, it has been classified to make the experience much more comfortable, to be able to find the latest news in discounts and the best promotions valued for each specialty in general.

Apart from all this, everything has been elaborated with several tips to help not only to know better the product itself, but also to find the resource that has the best utility.

You can find a detailed analysis with the best comparisons for a wise decision. As well as tips and reasons to decide between one brand or another.

And finally just hope that this website serves to inspire and learn how to get online resources. And if you liked this site share it and add it to favorites to be able to grow, updating and uploading more product discount coupons every day.

Greetings and have a nice day ;>