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Let's start with website links. In a typical website link sharing scheme, a website owner or promoter joins a group of people or network who have similar projects. Dubbed a ring, the network allows participants to exchange website links, thereby helping to promote the websites. The websites or projects in each ring are more or less similar or have relevant resources.

Banner exchange programs only work on these lines

An owner registers in a group and then receives the banners from the group members. In turn, the participant's own website banner is displayed by others, and therefore traffic coming to different websites navigates and reaches the others in the group.

How does it work?

It's very simple and needs little attention. When you sign up or register for a banner exchange program, you receive a code (HTML code) that you must paste into your website. The code is read by the webmasters and banners are delivered.

Different networks offer different exchange rates, for example 2:1 or 1:1. The exchange rate determines how many banners you have to place on your website in order for your banner to be published on another website. For a 2:1 rate, you must display two ad banners for your banner to be published once on any network site.

Banner exchange [] is an important advertising tool as it brings together audiences from different websites. However, there are some limitations. A salient limitation is the focused area of ​​a network. For example, you can find banner networks for electronic product websites, UK websites, marketing websites and the like. The networks reflect a specific type of sites that need to be included only because the target audience is a focused group.

Before deciding on a banner program, we recommend that you study the individual sites in the network you are interested in. Check the exchange rates, allowed banner sizes and any other credits that are made available to you.

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