Online Business Marketing: Secrets of Internet Millionaire Webmasters

One mistake most website owners and businesses are making these days is to rely on search engines alone for their traffic.

Some even waste hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly on PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns

This is fatal.

It is impossible for all websites to rank #1 or in the top 10 in a search engine at the same time.

So, once companies realize this obvious fact, they should know that the solution should be to diversify their marketing and advertising.

Stop relying on unsafe search engine traffic or you will soon go bankrupt.

You need to do different types of marketing and promotions both online and offline

Some of these are Newspaper and Magazine Ads, TV, Cable and Radio Ads, Direct Mail Ads, Text Link Campaign, Link Exchange Campaign, Event Sponsorship Ad, Press Release, Article Ad.

By doing all these promotions, you get lots of leads, traffic from many sources, and no longer have to rely solely on search engine traffic and rankings.

I've also found that most businesses are still using the old copywriting tactics that worked in the pre-internet era.

Maybe that's why many of them are having trouble making their websites profitable

In the internet age, website content needs to be short, direct, interesting and have a unique selling proposition to be effective and convert visitors into buyers.

Many people just don't have the time to spend all day reading a website's content when they know they have thousands and millions more to read before they decide to buy.

I see a lot of website content that is professionally written, organized, and designed.

But they all have a common flaw. You're forgetting this fact I'm pointing out:

They are way too long winded, too desperate in their sales pitches, hype and most of them won't even allow you to read more than a word before their subscription pop up forms and sites block.

What a very rude and annoying way to welcome a prospect to your website

In other words, they do so much to repel customers instead of doing so much to attract them.

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