When Internet Marketing Promotions Can Suffer If You Use Audio, Video Or Long Sales Letters

I make almost all my money on the Internet using audio, and am a huge advocate of using audio on websites — whether for selling or educational purposes — because I have seen the huge jump in response and profits that result.

Not only do people get exposed to your message on a whole different level than using just text, but you bond with people in ways you can't get anyway else.

In fact, sometimes when people listen to all the interviews I have done and actually talk to me on the phone, they tell me they feel like they're talking to a “celebrity.” When in truth, I am far from it.

That's the kind of raw power using audio on your site gives you

However, with that said, there are times when having audio on your site will not work. Or at least, depending on audio to the extent I use it will not work.

Such as if you are selling something where there just isn't that much to talk about. Like, for example, if you sell parts to electronic manufacturers or something like that.

True, you can probably find some ways to make a talk out of it

But really, if someone is at your site because they want “part # 138e7e8e” or something like that, they don't want a pitch or to hear a 45-minute talk on the subject. They just want the part.

In fact, in cases like that, trying to enhance everything with audio, video or a long sales pitch can actually work against you.

So be careful with how and what you use all the new technology for

Video and audio are both exciting mediums. But they can work against you in some cases if you aren't careful.

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